Friday, July 22, 2011

JavaScript to become a new technology stack?

Last month I mentioned about the Microsoft's effort towards HTML5 and JavaScript adoption. This month I have more interesting news :) ... JavaScript is about to become a new technology stack.

For example:

1. Do you need a cloud IDE for JavaScript coding? No problems, see Code and host your code.

2. Do you need server side JavaScript? No problems use node.js. This is a "tool" pretty much like Java (i.e. compile and execute - JIT). It integrates perfectly with WebSockets and WebWorkers added as part of HTML5.

3. Do you need anything more complex (e.g. enterprise oriented)? Use services like Wakanda, it even has a built in data store. Alternatively, use MongoDB (JSON storage) with node.js.

To conclude, it is possible to build quite complex web, mobile, desktop (in terms of HTML5 offline apps) applications using just JavaScript.